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Terms and conditions

1) Identification of the Parties:
Company: Trade Adige S.r.l. Italian company based in Verona (Italy), via Diaz 18, no. fisc. and VAT IT03944950231
Customer: ------- ------, ------- citizen, a resident of -----------, street --------, nr. -

2) Definition and interpretation of these General Terms and Conditions
These Terms and Conditions are governed by the Italian law and shall be stored and printed out by the customer for the entire period of validity of the relationship with AH (ApartmentHoliday).
Modification or correction of the data by the Customer shall be notified immediately to the Company through an email to the following email address:

3) Services
Booking of overnight accommodation.

4) Booking and Payment
When the customer sends the reservation request, the Company shall send a written notice via e-mail confirming that it has received the request and pledging to handle ensuring the availability of services required by the customer.
Once you have verified that availability, the Company will confirm to the customer and will require you to make the payment (which may be a part of the total or directly, depending on the case) within a given limit.
We accept payment via PAYPAL or credit card services through PAYPAL (Visa, Eurocard / Mastercard, American Express). Customers must pay all bank charges.
Made this payment, the contract between the Company and the Customer shall be considered completed when the Company becomes aware, by a written document (bank receipt of payment, etc.), such payment, subject always to the good end of it.
If the first payment, or the payment of the final amount is not executed by the Customer within the time limit specified by the Company in the confirmation of availability, the Company has the right to cancel the reservation of the Client without liability.
The customer must verify that all dates in communications confirmation are correct and to notify the Company within three days of any changes. The lack of communication within this period means that the customer accepts the reservation as indicated. The customer is solely responsible for all obligations, which may follow the contract and will be responsible for all persons included in his / her reservation.
It usually takes 1-3 business days to confirm the booking of a client depending on the conditions such as the number of requests received per day, the availability of the apartment at the time of receipt of the request and the receipt of advance payment on our bank account transfer.

5) Prices and Surcharges
In the Company\'s website indicates all the prices of the services offered and any supplement (the prices that appear in brochures, leaflets or any other means are to be understood as merely indicative).
All prices are subject to change at any time by the Company (the principle and right of the Company is also applicable to the price of a reservation made online and as long as you do not make full payment or the first payment). Once you have made ​​your first payment or full payment, these prices will not change.
Usually the rates for the rent does not include additional expenses (such as telephone, water, electricity, gas ...), unless otherwise indicated. These additional costs are to be paid to the owner of the home.

6) Amendments by the Company
The Company will make every effort to maintain the agreements entered into, the same is granted the right to modify or cancel the contracted services for the facts that can not depend on his will or Force Majeure.
If the Company deletes or modifies in a conscientious and motivated an essential element of the package negotiated by the customer for reasons beyond his control or Force Majeure before the deadline to make the payment, it shall inform the Client as soon as possible and will offer an alternative program of similar level.
It is intended as a Force Majeure event any unexpected and violent, alien to the will and control of the Company and for which can not be predicted nor avoided the consequences.
If the Company can not offer an alternative of a similar amount, then give you the option closest that is available and will refund to the Customer any difference in price. If the Force Majeure occurring during the stay, the Company will attempt to provide a reasonable alternative plan.

7) No Liability of the Company
The Company is not responsible for risks and events in which the customer, about taking advantage of the contracted services, you may be exposed such as: incident to transportation, illness without the possibility of medical care, natural events related to the force of nature, strikes, etc. The customer who contracted any type of service the company has no right to claim any type of compensation to the Company, its employees and associates, to the owners of the structures for any possible injury, loss, damage, injury, expense or delay caused by or related with contracted services (such as transportation and accommodation, including families, etc.).
The Customer acknowledges that it is aware of traveling under its responsibility (if he is a minor, the parents or guardians assume this responsibility) and expressly releases the Company, its employees and associates, the owners of the structures from any liability related to health and safety.
The Company acts as an agent for the owners of accommodation. Therefore, the Company can never be liable for any delays, accidents, losses, changes of schedules and rates, damage, etc. (neither for persons nor for objects), which can occur in any of the services provided.
The Company is not responsible for:
- Errors, omissions or misspelled words misrepresentation by third parties
- Damage or personal injury incurred during the stay in one of the accommodations on this Web site
- Disputes between a consumer and a third
- The contents of the external links that you will find on our site
The service of the Company and the site ends with the preparation and issuing of booking. In any case, the Company can never be held responsible for its content. The liability of the Company is possibly limited to the total amount of paid services.

8) Changes to the reservation by the Customer
If the customer wants to change his booking when payment has already been made ​​(the advance or the total), must immediately notify the Company in writing.
In case of change of date, the new start and end date must be before 31 December of the same year. Any change depends on the availability, as well as the conditions of the facility or other provider. It is not allowed more than one change.

9) Cancellation by the customer
If the customer wishes to cancel his booking, he must do so in writing, by a declaration signed and sent by mail to
The date of cancellation will be the date on which the Company receives the signed statement.
In the event of cancellation by the customer (for whatever reason), the down payment is never refundable. In addition, the customer will always be considered responsible and obligated to pay the following cancellation, although it has only made the first payment:
- 50% of the total amount if you cancel your booking between 14 and 7 days before arrival
- 80% of the total amount if you cancel your reservation between 6:03 days before arrival
- 100% of the total amount if you cancel your reservation after 3 days before arrival
At the time of formalizing the booking (or advance payment of the total) the Customer also authorizes the Company to withhold or withdraw from your credit card according to the procedures laid down in the cancellation policy.
After the start of the holiday are not refundable for any contracted service.
It is the responsibility of the customer to possess a valid passport and all necessary visas to enter the country which will take place in the living room. It is the responsibility of the customer to take the time necessary to obtain all required visas depending on the source and destination. Only the consulate or embassy of the country in which he is heading can give some information on visas and the time needed to request them and get them.

10) Early return
There is no refund for any interruption of stay or early return. If the customer wants to cancel his stay due to a personal emergency or other unforeseen reason, please notify the Company in writing before giving up the living room.

11) Living
The contact person for accommodations will make check-in, check-out and the keys. The check-in, unless otherwise agreed with the owner, will take place between 14.00 and 20.00 hours on day of arrival and the apartment must be vacated by 12.00 am on the day of your departure. Changes in the estimated time of arrival and departure will be agreed directly with the owner.
Upon arrival to the accommodation, please provide a copy of the identity documents to the contact person for the legal registration required. The contact person\'s domicile shall have the right to refuse admission of guests that do not have identity documents. It is not allowed to stay in the accommodation with anyone other than those indicated in the booking form or those who are with you upon arrival. Moreover, it is allowed to remain in the accommodation with more people than mentioned on the booking confirmation. In these cases, the owner has the right to ask you to leave the premises immediately.
You will have to take care of the accommodation and all the equipment with care. If you are the house rules must be respected, as well as you will also have to respect the neighbors. You will be held responsible for any damage to the accommodation or equipment, made by you or one of the people with you.
Bring pets in kind is not allowed in all rooms. In some cases (blind dogs, animals for children with psychological disorders, etc.), you can ask the owners, at the time of booking, special permissions. In any case, you are required to inquire before booking if you can bring the animal.
All information regarding accommodation, including pictures and prices are provided by the property owner. The Company does its best to verify this information and keep them updated, but it can never be held responsible for the content in descriptions of accommodation

12) Descriptions
The Company confirms that all the texts published in its website are correct and comply with the information received. It has made ​​every effort to describe as accurately as the facilities and the surrounding environment and to provide the services described. The Company is not responsible for any changes that may take place in a time subsequent to the publication of information on the internet page, so as not responsible for what could happen outside of its control.
The Company undertakes to inform the Customer of any change that takes place before his departure.

13) Special Requirements
The Customer shall notify the Company in writing, at the time of the request for registration, of any special requirement required. Otherwise, the Company reserves the right to cancel the booking at any time in the event that the facility, or other provider, can not provide the necessary services. In addition, the customer will have to pay cancellation charges set out in paragraph 9 of these general conditions.

14) Processing of Personal Data

Purposes of the data processing:
Pursuant to art. 130, paragraph 4 of the Privacy Code, Legislative Decree no. n. 196/2003, your electronic mail address you supply in the context of our previous business relationships, or requested when registering for the site and provided on a voluntary basis, may be used for the purposes of receiving communications or advertising material or for purposes of direct sales. The data controller is the ns. Company Adige Trade srl Via Diaz 18, 37121 Verona - Italy and for the purposes mentioned above such data will be disclosed to those of ns. Marketing department.
Arrangements and security of the data processing:
Your personal information will be treated with the help of computer and telematic tools taking all the information security measures recommended by the law to protect and ensure the confidentiality of your personal data and to reduce, as far as possible, the danger of abuse, theft or tampering with your personal data.
It is impossible, at the same time, surf the web without being \"watched\". The transmission of personal data to (and other domains of the group) is thus always under your responsibility.
The procedure for registration services should not be used with other people\'s mailboxes. We are opposed to any form of invasion of privacy exercised to the detriment of others, so it is not permissible to use the mechanisms of registration with e-mail addresses other than their own.
Provision of data:
The provision of your personal data is optional, because the contents of the site (and other domains of the group) are open to all, with the exception of the restricted area reserved for registered users.
By subscribing to the restricted area, you expressly consent to the processing of personal data.
Will not be collected in no case will your \"sensitive\" data (state of health, religion, etc.).
Correction / Updating Personal Information:
We remind you that you may oppose at any time to the processing in question, by dispatch of an e-mail to the following e-mail: and exercise all the rights under Art. 7 d. decree law no. 196/2003 (including rights of access, rectification, update, delete).

In site (and other domains of the group) do not use the c. d. persistent \"cookies\" of any kind, nor do they trace IP addresses, nor are any of the other similar systems retrieve personal information.
The use of session cookies (which are temporary cookies that expire when browser is closed) is strictly related to the optimization of the function of the site, and hence ensure better navigation of the site.
Other sites to which this site may be \"linked\" could contain tracing systems that the owner of the site is foreign.

15) Forum of Disputes
For any dispute arising out of this document and on the execution of the order and the booking is exclusive jurisdiction of the Civil Court and Criminal Court of Verona.

16) Language of the general conditions
These terms and conditions have been drafted originally in Italian. They were then translated into other languages. In case of discrepancies between the original text and its subsequent translations will be authentic only the original Italian text.


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